Fruity Soaps: Unicorn Poop Soap

Unicorn Poop Soap for kids

Fruit soaps are special because they are enriched with fruit content and each one of them has a special effect on the body and the appearance of the skin.

These are especially fun for the children since they are very colorful and bright-looking and children will always rather use this soap than any other you’ve given him.

Every child will point at it amongst other soaps because it looks much more fun, much more vibrant and very pretty overall. Poop soap is the product they will like for sure. Let them to play and enjoy parties with friends and family.

They smell like fruit which reminds children of candy and ice cream and therefore will also be very interesting for them.

They leave pretty colors and will leave a rainbow in your bathtub which children will surely love since it will look like a burst of colors!

Unicorn poop soap is colorful and it is a great gift for children. Kids will love it, bathing with this soap, which has all rainbow colors inside. Many parents want to buy this soap for parties (birthday party, especially). We all know how much kids love Unicorn, and because of that, this Poop soap is a great gift for them.
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Try Fruity poop shaped soap – Unicorn Poop Soap for kids


Poop Soap

The name itself is also very funny and people find it very cute, but the things is, it truly looks like one. This product is wrapped up in a beautiful bag so it could be a surprise to someone who opens it! The wrapping is eco-friendly and is surely approved by unicorns themself! Unicorns love both colors and nature!

This soap makes a great gift because it is funny, but it also makes a great gift to give away at children’s birthdays. It will surely be the highlight of every birthday! It is a bar of soap (square-shaped) which looks like a gradient of colors and therefore works best for magical-themed parties, birthdays and ceremonies. If you want, you can give these away at baby showers too!

You can slice the soap up and you’ll end up having a whole bowl of beautiful small soaps that look great as a decoration! Just be sure nobody eats them because they look, feel and smell like candy!

If you didn’t know, this soap is not here only to look nice, but also to make your child (or yourself) healthier! It includes some really essential oils such as avocado oil, which has healthy fatty acids, castor oil, which is great to moisturize the skin and make it softer, and coconut oil, which has been proven to have many positive benefits on the skin!

Some of the soaps are – Indian mango soap (rich in minerals and vitamins), orange soap (with anti-inflammatory effect) and watermelon soap. Mango has many health benefits: it prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol, clears up skin, alkalizes the body and so on. Orange is important because of vitamin C which is vital for the body! These soaps will boost your immune system too.

There are many more of these but we don’t want to ruin the fun of investigating these! Choose the fruity soap you need and you will see yourself how grateful and glowing your skin will be. On the end, this poop soap looks great and kids love it!

About the product – Fruity soap for children

  • Smelling like poop has never been so delightful! (This soap smells like rainbow sherbet)
  • A fruitful array of colors and aromas! Fun for anyone, but also practical!
  • Leaves your skin feeling smooth and magical!
  • Reported to bring good luck to whoever licks the soapy splendor! (Don’t actually lick the soap. It’s soapy)
  • One bar, wrapped in a pink organza bag with a tag (pictured)

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