Fragrant Soaps: Soap Flowers Fragrant Rose Bud Petal

We offer a really rich selection of scented soaps. We offer you the best fragrant soap.

Fragrant soaps are used in many different situations, not just as toiletries. Try this fragrant soap and surprise your loved ones. They are excellent decorative details and are perfect for anyone’s home. You can use them outside the bathroom too! They can look really good in a decorated bowl or a plate that you can put in the living room, the kitchen, maybe even a bedroom. They will make all of the rooms in your apartment more relaxing since you associate them with relaxation and pampering.

They also make a beautiful statement about the owner. They serve as a mild scent to the room you are staying, and they have a relaxing effect, making you feel calm and relaxed.

If you ever thought about them in depth, they are not only there to be an olfactory sensation, they are not only here to be visually pretty, but they are also here to make an impact on the whole room and the area you live in since they often complete a room, although they are small.

Floral Scented Bath Soap

Look through our selection of these divine soaps and choose the scented soap you like the most. Our web store offers a big variety of items that will satisfy your taste, and if you maybe can’t choose, you can always try two or more products to find the one that will suit you the most!


Floral Scented bath soap

Don’t miss this wonderful way to brighten your bath time and give your bathroom a touch of luxury. Your place of relaxation is more important then you know. It’s a place where you rest, where you fill your batteries – it is all about you… So are these rosebuds… They can make your experience in the bathroom much more relaxing and pleasing, they will make you feel pampered and relaxed. If you think about them well enough, they serve as a way of mental relaxation.

Fragrant soaps in a form of rose buds are artistically crafted to add a touch of design ad style to your bathroom. They are innovative and they are a perfect addition for your relaxing moments when you want to enjoy in the great scent they provide.

You can be selfish and leave all these scented rose pads for yourself and relax in colorful water, watching how the buds resolve in front of you, or you can make them a perfect welcome present for your guests who will be thrilled with their scent. They make a great gift because they are small, cute and practical. You can even make small “relaxation boxes” which you will fill up with various relaxing things such as soaps, conditioners, essential oils and so on.

You may use it for a romantic bath too… they will trigger all your senses.

You just have to add one or two of these gorgeous pedals into a warm bath and they will fill the space with a great scent of awaking flowers.

Try to give them as a present for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or birthday and you won’t make a mistake because everybody will love them. Especially women since they love small decorations. If they can be used, even better! Two functions in one product.

You can order scented soaps for yourself, but it is also an excellent choice when it comes to gifts because everyone loves some relaxation. Treat your friends and loved ones with this special gift. We have specially prepared gift packs of scented soaps for those occasions.

All of our products are carefully packed in order to be preserved, not be damaged and last long. Order a few for yourself and you will sense their quality and the richness of scent they give, offering your body a break from the real world.

Floral Scented Bath Soap

Fragrant soaps are, of course, special because they have a beautiful smell and they trigger your olfactory nerves. It is important to feel pampered and relaxed every once in a while, even if you are a male. Don’t think you can’t use these soaps if you are a guy. Everyone deserves to relax.

If you are into romantic environment, these are perfect! Put on some slow music, get a candle or a few flowers into the room for additional atmosphere and just enjoy your senses being relaxed.

Let’s not forget the bubbles which are usually the favorite part for small children and young adults. They are also fun and leave a great visual impact if you wish to upload a video of them on the social media. Beware, you may make someone jealous!

About the product – Fragrant soap

  • Romantic rose soap flower is made of soap, drop pretty flower petals into your bath, and you’ll come out smelling like a flower.
  • Enjoy bubble rose bath, essential oils to soothe the senses, revitalize tired, relief from stress, emotional, mental and physical.
  • Remove the petal of a little (1/3-1/2) into the palm of the hand, rub with water to bubble, or thrown the amount of soap rose petal in Bathtub, enjoy romantic bathing.
  • This is an amazing gift for any occasion, for the friends and loved ones that are looking for something unique. Best gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthday or Wedding.

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