Make Your Own Body Scrub – Best 5 Recipes

Soft and velvety skin is the dream of every person, especially after cold and dry winter months.

Sometimes creams, lotions, and body oils cannot help the skin recover and become soft as we would like. Scrubs for the face, body or any part of the skin help to remove the dead skin cells, which causes it to stop scaling and drying even more. Body scrubs also help improve circulation, which in long terms give you a healthier, more vital and more beautiful skin.

Body scrubs will help in solving many skin problems.

Body Scrubs Benefits

  • Slow down skin aging
  • Give the skin a natural glow
  • Improve the look of new skin
  • Activate the creation of collagen for a more vital skin appearance
  • Improve circulation
  • Prevent the formation of wrinkles
  • Make the skin softer
  • Allow skin to get rid of toxins and impurities

In addition to buying cosmetic preparations at different stores, you can also purchase ready-made body cleansers, but we recommend using natural preparations. Natural bases, which are based on bitter salts, essential oils, and domestic tea are the best for your body. Most of these excellent ingredients are already in your kitchen.

Whether you choose to buy it or make it yourself, you need to learn what body scrub works best for your skin.

Scrubs with smaller granules will be intended for the skin of the neckline, neck, chest, and shoulders. Medium rough scrubs have slightly larger granules, and they can be used for hands, feet, and buttocks. The rough scrubs are almost completely dry and are good for the roughest areas of the skin – elbows, knees, and heels.

As with various face masks, it is recommended to use a warm wet towel before applying scrub on the skin – to open the pores and allow better cleaning.

Body scrub

Body scrub

Body scrub should not be used more than once a week, so it cannot damage skin too much. Sometimes it is better to let the skin recover itself. If you have sensitive and dry skin, it should be treated with scrubs every 15 days.

People over 30 do not need to use body scrubs too often, lotions and natural oils are a better choice for them.

Best 5 natural Body Scrub Recipes

Essential Oil Body Scrub

Essential Oil Body Scrub

You must have the following ingredients to make a basic body scrub:

  • bitter salt – 1 cup
  • oil (almond, any massage oil, tea oil) – ½ a cup
  • Essential oil (lavender, sage, rosemary) – from 5 to 15 drops

To make it, mix all the ingredients, add the essential oil drops at the end. You can choose an essential oil based on what you want to achieve by scrubbing. As with Bach’s drops, each of the flowers has a particular purpose – for relaxation, lighter sleep, better concentration, reduction of pain, etc.

Banana Body Scrub

Banana Body Scrub

This scrub can be used for sensitive skin and body parts. It’s great if you have oily skin and you want to get rid of impurities. The required ingredients are just one banana and 3 tablespoons of brown sugar. If you can find sugar in larger granules, it will work better as well as entirely riped banana. Preparation is elementary: squash the banana and mix it with sugar. Leave the mixture on the face and the more sensitive parts of the body skin – chest, shoulders, neck. The mixture may stand on the face for about 5 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Scrub with lemon – for oily skin

Lemon acid for natural cosmetic

For oily skin, you can mix a cup of sugar (best brown), aloe vera gel and a few tablespoons of lemon juice. You can add half a cup of olive oil to it. This scrub has an detoxifying effect because of the lemon. Just mix all the ingredients and apply them with circular movements to the skin part you want to treat. After a few minutes rinse with warm water. It would not be wrong to do this in the evening before bedtime, because the skin could get stains after sun exposure.


Lavender Body Scrub

Lavender Body Scrub

Applying this scrub will help relax the skin but also the entire body because of the soothing properties of the lavender plant. It would not be wrong to apply it before bedtime because you will relax completely.

Required Ingredients:

  • 1/2 of sea salt
  • 1/3 cup of sweet almond oil
  • 2 capsules of vitamin E
  • 1 tablespoon of dried lavender flowers
  • 8 drops of essential lavender oil

First, mix almond oil and salt and add vitamin E capsules, lavender flowers, and lavender oil. Cover the container in which you combine the ingredients with a cloth and allow it to rest for about an hour. Then you have to apply the scrub to damp skin again with circular movements. Rinse it with cold water and dry gently with a towel to keep the skin moist. This scrub can be used for every part of the skin, and roughness will depend on the size of sea salt granules.

Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub

This scrub is often used for body, as it is known for its excellent detoxifying properties but also as a popular anti-cellulite and wrinkle remedy. The ingredients you need is black coffee residue – the best one is that you left from morning till the afternoon- and a little honey and water.

Depending on how much you want the scrub to be dry, you can add a little more honey. If you use it for the legs and against the cellulite, you don’t need to put honey, while for the skin it is a great combination. Just mix all the ingredients and rub them in the moist and warm skin. After the skin has been treated and the rubbing is slightly dry, rinse it with cold water.

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