You Need To Know This About Natural Shampoos

We are more than happy to introduce you to the world of making natural shampoos and hair conditioners. This is the right place to learn how to make both of these products yourself. You can forget about buying commercial shampoos because once you make your shampoo, you will not be satisfied but anything less than homemade shampoo.

You will receive the first-hand information about what’s needed to make your hair look shiny, soft and really healthy. Always try to use top quality ingredients to create the ultimate hair care product. Use a natural shampoo, and see how your hair becomes full of life…

natural shampoos

Why is it so crucial to avoid commercial shampoos and use natural Shampoos?

The biggest flaw in the production of commercial shampoos is the use of many chemicals which are not healthy for you. Another big issue, considering these chemicals, is that they are not tested as often and thorough as they should.

The point is: we really don’t know how these chemicals affect our hair and skin or do they have any side effects on our health that we are not aware of. The most common chemicals in commercial shampoos are surfactants.

This compound works in a way that it binds the surfactants molecules to molecules of water and particles of various types of fat found in hair.

When we wash our hair, all the dirt and grease get off, and the hair becomes clean.

We are satisfied with the product, but we don’t see a larger picture: not every shampoo uses the same chemical formula.

The manufacturers of hair products are very well aware of the fact that an outcome will be successful only after it will be enriched with various additives, artificial colors, scents, and chemical compounds that enhance foam and texture of the shampoo.

These ingredients are basically synthetic elements, and they are not sufficiently explored and are suspected of having their adverse effects on users.

There are many chemical compounds and additives which can cause unwanted reactions, mainly allergic reactions.

They mainly manifest as skin irritation, mostly on the neck and face.

To be clear, not all natural shampoos are entirely natural

We are often intrigued by natural cosmetics, shampoos or similar and irrationally buy everything with the word “natural” written on the package.

But today, many things are sold as natural,  but they are not. Many natural shampoos, which are sold in specialized stores, have a long shelf life – that means they must be enriched with refined vegetable oils and butter, and various synthetic oils. That causes the loss of truth in the word “natural” on the product.

Now,  it is time to look at natural shampoo making – to clarify the natural shampooing process. This is how you can produce a natural shampoo, completely and entirely made of natural ingredients.

Making shampoos yourself is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing in making homemade shampoos is to use top quality natural ingredients. This includes vegetable oils (cold pressed), unrefined butter and essential oils.

Caution! Never use preservatives or stabilizers! The natural shampoo you will produce can last up to 3 months, which gives you plenty of time to create it again and enough time to spend it.

The foundation of these shampoos is coconut oil or palm oil, which are natural surfactants.

Naturally Produced Shampoo

The most significant value is in its natural composition, variety, and effectiveness on hair. This kind of ith no undesirable effects that occur with the use of synthetic preparations.

If we think of the fact that the hair grows from the roots, and above it is “lifeless,” then we realize that we have to care about the root of the hair and the scalp first, and then the “lifeless” part that gives volume, volume, and beauty.

When we are treating hair, we have to wait for a certain period to see the results. This is the period in which hair grows, and when we actually look at the results of our activity.

essential oils

Essential oils

Essential oils are essential in this, and that is why they are one of the main ingredients in the production of shampoos, soaps, and other natural cosmetics.

Their unique value lies in the natural biologically active compounds, obtained from plant materials. Essential oils contain small molecules which can enter body fast and do their positive function.

If you choose essential oils for your shampoo wisely, then it will help your hair to recover. By saying wisely, we think targeted.

Natural shampoo isn’t only good for the hair, but for the health of your scalp. It has an anti-inflammatory function, so it helps people who have sebaceous, dermatitis or psoriasis.

Natural shampoo is also far better in removing dandruff than you would think.

Commercial shampoos contain phyto-keratin, made of wheat protein, just as natural but their’s is synthetic and cannot be as efficient as natural.

We can be grateful to this protein because it rejuvenates the hair and gives it a natural, healthy volume.

Shampoo bars

shampoo handmade

Shampoo bar

You can make a shampoo bar if you want to. It is possible to create a natural shampoo, and it will be stable just like soap.

This could make a really great gift for someone.

These shampoos have some significant advantages such as great packaging and their biological nature. They are easy to carry around and use.

You can add vegetable oils, fats and powders into a solid shampoo. They also last longer: solid shampoo gives you more hair washes than the liquid shampoo, although they are of the same amount.

After use, the shampoo is only put off, and it is dried, after which it is ready for next use.



What do you know about hair conditioners?

Hair conditioner is used to soften the hair, and we can easily mingle it. With the aid of a conditioner, we can reduce or completely eliminate static electricity.

Hair mask

To achieve the desired density, we use a natural emulsifier obtained from oil of rapeseed oil and palm oil which also contains vegetable fats in it.

Hair masks are enriched with vitamin B or phytokeratin. Vitamin B is good because it works by binding to keratin from the hair. This hair becomes stronger and brighter.

Phytokeratin is excellent for the hair hydration, it strengthens the structure of the strand of hair. The hair becomes soft and shiny.

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