Natural Soap and Cosmetics Production Equipment

Equipment needed to make natural cosmetic, shampoo, and soap. DIY at home using these …

Before finally deciding to give it a try and make homemade soap, as well as other natural cosmetics, you need to buy the appropriate equipment and utensils for making cosmetics and soaps.

If you have read some of our previous articles, where we have described how natural cosmetics (creams, shampoos, and soaps) are made, then it will be much easier for you to try yourself once you buy the right equipment and accessories.



This is the necessary equipment to produce soap at home:

Digital Kitchen Scale

You probably have a kitchen scale at home, but if you want to make soap and other cosmetics, just buy one for this purpose. The scale is indispensable, so you must choose the best for your needs. Measuring the ingredients is very important in soap making if you want to get a quality product at the end.

Laser Thermometer

While making soap, when mixing the mass and adding the required ingredients, it is essential to know the temperature of the mixture. A handheld digital laser thermometer will best serve this. The laser thermometer will read the temperature of the mix, quickly and without having to interrupt your current work.

Stick Mixer

Use a small stick mixer to mix the ingredients properly and prepare the mixture. The mixer can easily be purchased online and is not expensive. You need it to make natural soap or some other cosmetics.

In addition to the accessories mentioned above, be sure to get the appropriate soap molds, lightweight gloves, and safety goggles.

You can buy ready-to-use soap cups, or make them yourself as desired. If you are using purchased molds, they are usually made of rubber, from which you can easily extract the solid soap that has hardened.

When you make a mold yourself, it is essential to make it in several parts so that you can retrieve the soap that has set and hardened.

Gloves for work should be rubbery, but thin, to have a better feeling when you make the soap and so they won’t bother you.

Protective glasses are always good to wear while working. Although there is no great danger, you are still working with different ingredients, compounds and possibly chemicals, which is why the protective glasses are necessary. They are not expensive, and you should buy one.

It would be good to buy or make yourself a soap cutter. Once the mixture is dried and hardened in the mold, it is necessary to cut pieces of soap. You can cut them with a knife, but it will be best to buy and use a soap cutting knife. A soap cutting tool is a unique tool with the help of which you can cut up to 10 pieces of soap from one part in one stroke.


soap cutter

Accessories for making a natural shampoo

For home-made shampoos, besides the equipment as mentioned earlier, you will also need a cooking pot or a refractory glass container.

For precise measurement of liquids, buy yourself glass measuring jug, or a small bottle with a dropper.

The shampoo production process requires handling fluids, so this equipment is essential.

To store shampoos, you should have clean bottles, glass or plastic, which can be closed well and are suitable for use.


Natural shampoo equipment

Necessary accessories for making cosmetics

Some props have already been mentioned (thermometer, a digital scale, electric stick mixer), but besides them, you need to buy a hand mixer (for lighter stirring), glass jars with marked metering divisions, dishes for heating liquid and compound, and tapes for measuring the pH value.

Rubber gloves are essential when making natural cosmetics, and you must undoubtedly wear goggles.

Complete accessories for making cosmetics, soaps, and shampoo can be found easily in every well-stocked store, especially in online stores, which deliver to your address.

Besides the equipment for making cosmetics and soaps, as well as making a natural shampoo, it is necessary to have the appropriate workspace.

Provide yourself with a high-quality workspace with the right working surface that is clean and designed for your small workshop.

Once you start making natural products, it’s hard to quit. Apart from the fact that these products are of a very high quality, the manufacturing process is relaxing and gives you a sense of satisfaction.

You can use natural cosmetics; you can give it to your loved ones, and sell it once you have the skills you need.

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